August 27, 2021

Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin 2023

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To earn commission by working as an affiliate in a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce, the right WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin is needed. There are thousands of affiliate programs and networks that you can be a part of. One of the most popular is the Amazon Affiliate Network.

Topic: Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin 2023

Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin

Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin 2023

Best WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin 2023 | Learn More | Check Price

WooZone Features –

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin Features

  • Works as plugin on any Wordpress Install.
  • Compatible with any Wordpress / Woocommerce Theme
  • You can have Amazon Products and Simple Woocommerce Products on the Store in the Same Time (we’ve made a special verification and the products don’t conflict into the Cart Checkout Page)
  • Choose from any Amazon Location – Worldwide, Amazon Germany, Amazon United Kingdom, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, Amazon Japan, Amazon India, Amazon Italy, Amazon China, Amazon Spain.
  • 90 days cookies feature – With this feature, when a user is redirected to amazon, the product is automatically added to cart and kept there for 90 days (this boosts your conversions also!).
  • On Site Cart feature! This option will allow your customers to add multiple Amazon Products into Cart and checkout trough Amazon’s system with all at once!
  • Prices setup – Select what price to display on products – Regular price / Sale price / Offer price
  • Products Variations – Get product variations. Be carefull about Yes All variations one product can have a lot of variation, execution time is dramatically increased!
  • Default publishing- import the products as Published or Draft.
  • Select how many images to import for each product
  • Select if you wish to display shipping availability
  • Select if you wish to display Coupones – special offers & discounts
  • Image Import type – Select if you wish import images upon import or asynchronus
  • Automatically Content Spinner – select if you wish to have the content spinned upon import, or manually do it afterwards
  • ASIN GRABBER Module – grab hundred of ASINS from amazon in just a few seconds! After that, simply import them via CSV Bulk Import!
  • Products into Posts – You can easily add products into any post / page / custom taxonomy via Shortcodes
  • Products Stats – check your conversions!
  • Images names – Product title or Random number – This is great for SEO
  • Cross Selling Items – Select if you wish to display cross selling products.
  • Images gallery in product description – select if you wish to display it or not.
  • Amazon Reviews Tab – Select if you wish to display amazon reviews
  • Setup Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key
  • Setup your affiliate ID’s (You don’t have to specify all affiliate IDs if you are not registered to all programs.)
  • Setup Main Affiliate ID
  • One second import! Search for products using the Advanced Search and Bulk Import module. Upon import all parent categories and subcategories will be imported.
  • Mass Import products using the CSV module. All you need is a ASINS list.
  • Keep products updated using the Synchronisation Module, you can update Prices, Titles , Reviews, Buy Urls, Descriptions and SKU
  • Setup / Backup Module – install default plugin settings, backup current plugin settings, and backup current store products.


About WooZone –

About WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways in which to earn cash online. Simply refer a visitor to a product or service and then earn a percentage of any transaction that occurs.

Although it is not that easy, still it is a popular way to earn income online. Mostly because it has a very low barrier to entry, requires little technical knowledge to get started, and requires minimal financial investment.

When combined with WordPress, affiliate marketing can be the model you are looking to transform your current income stream. As already mentioned, while easy, it still requires effort and a lot of extra time.

As an affiliate, you may face some problems while promoting Amazon products through the WordPress website. You must manually add affiliate links for Amazon products. This is a time-consuming process. You need to add content, images, set up the site, etc.

If Amazon products are promoted in different categories, it involves putting a good amount of effort to select suitable affiliate links of such products.

If you use the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin then you can get rid of all the manual effort. Those plugins usually pull products from Amazon (image, description, price) and have many other useful features.

Product information such as name, description, or current price is retrieved automatically through the Amazon Product Advertising API. You can decide how often the data is updated. This means not updating prices or details manually. Note that if you get a request throttle error, you most likely have exceeded your API usage limit.

This way, you will save time and increase affiliate marketing revenue. Most affiliate plugins for WordPress integrate with WooCommerce. This combination opens up many more opportunities and options for using the vast WooCommerce settings.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, and it is available for free. It is loaded with features and is supported by a large number of extensions and plugins.

The WooZone Woocommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin aims to make the lives of Amazon Associates participants easier. You can use this plugin with an existing Woocommerce store, or you can start anew.

It will pull products from Amazon and publish them on your site. Your affiliate link will be used. All you have to do is set a keyword, set how many pages to import, and add it to the queue.

You can also set the recurrence, how often to import products. After you do this, cron will import the products at the iteration time you set.

More importantly, it will pull all the product information, specifications, images, and reviews. Say goodbye to adding products from Amazon manually.

With the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin, you can set up an affiliate site and import products from Amazon. You’ll have a site that works and looks like an e-commerce website, but at checkout, customers will be taken to Amazon.

It includes an automatic spinner that will help you avoid duplicate content issues. When products aren’t any longer on the market on Amazon, it’ll automatically remove them from your website.

Woocommerce Amazon Affiliate Plugin costs $42 for a single-site license. Using this plugin, you can convert your WordPress website to advertise Amazon products. It works with any Woocommerce or WordPress theme.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin WooZone Features:

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin Compatible with any WordPress or Woocommerce theme. You can have Amazon products and simple Woocommerce products on the store at the same time. Get Affiliate Commission from any Amazon Locale. Supported countries are Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, India, Italy, China, Spain.

With 90 days cookie feature When the user is redirected to Amazon, the product is automatically added to the cart which adds 90 days cookie. The regular Amazon Affiliate cookie lasts for 24 hours. The on-site cart feature will allow your customers to checkout and add multiple Amazon products to the cart through Amazon’s system.

Choose which price to display on the products. Regular price, sale price, or offer price. Add product variations. You can import products as published or drafts. Choose what number of pictures to import for every product. Choose whether you want to display special offers, discounts, or coupons.

Choose whether you want to import images on import or asynchronous. You can make the content spin automatically by using the material spinner. Choose whether you want the content to be spun on import, or do it manually later. The ASIN Grabber module makes it possible to grab hundreds of ASINs from Amazon.

More about WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin, After that import them via CSV bulk import. You can quickly add products to any post, page, or custom taxonomy via shortcodes. Product statistics so you can always check conversions. Add product titles or random numbers to image names. It is great for search engine optimization.

Choose whether you want to display cross-selling products. Choose whether you want to post an image gallery in the product description. Choose whether you want to show Amazon reviews for a particular product on your site. Discover products using advanced search and bulk import modules.

Upon import, all parent categories and subcategories are imported. Keep products updated using the synchronization module. You can update prices, titles, reviews, URLs, descriptions, and SKUs.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plugin WooZone also comes in a free/light version which is available to download for free on the WordPress repository. Unfortunately, the free version was last updated 7 months ago at the time of writing this post.

Note: If you decide to buy the WooZone Amazon Affiliate plugin for yourself, consider getting yourself a full bundle instead of just one plugin.

The WooZone Amazon Associates Bundle Pack includes the WooZone plugin, Kingdom WordPress theme compatible with the WooZone plugin, the WooZone Contextual plugin for in-text Amazon Ads ads, and the Discount Finder plugin. All that for only $69!



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