The Black Friday Gaming Deals You Absolutely Shouldn't Miss! PS5, Xbox Series X, and more

Black Friday deals are in full swing and gaming enthusiasts should be extremely excited as great deals have been lined up on PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and more. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Bargain hunters can save big during the Black Friday sale and the upcoming Cyber Monday sale, and that applies to gaming enthusiasts as well. [Image Source: Unsplash]

From PS5 to Xbox Series X to Pac-Man World, check out some of these Black Friday deals. [Image Source: Unsplash]

You can find the PS5 with God of War Ragnarok and the Legion H300 headset for $599.99 on AntOnline via eBay. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Earlier it was $770.98. This means you can save a flat $171 on this PS5 bundle. [Image Source: Unsplash]

In another deal, Pac-Man World: Re-Pack for PS5 is now more affordable on Amazon. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Pac-Man World was previously $30 but you can buy it on Amazon for just $19.99. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Deathloop is now finally available for the Xbox Series X, also with a massive price cut. [Image Source: Unsplash]

Deathloop for Xbox Series X was previously $60 on Amazon, but now, you can buy it for only $19.99. [Image Source: Unsplash]

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