August 24, 2021

Best Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin 2023

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The best thing about technology today is that it has improved a lot, making our lives more comfortable and efficient. For example, instead of having individual documents in your hand to let others sign a contract or form, you simply show them your phone and let them simply write your signature on the screen. That’s why it’s important to include Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin on your website.

Topic: Best Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin 2023

Best Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin

Best Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin 2023

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Gravity Forms Digital Signature WordPress Plugin Features

  • Easy use
  • Support Gravity PDF plugin
  • Support Android IOS,..
  • Control the size of the signature field
  • Control the background and color of the signature field
  • Set the field to “required”
  • Hide or display the field with conditional logic
  • Clear signature
  • Send signature to email
  • Cross-browser support. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+
  • And more…


About Gravity Forms Digital Signature WordPress Plugin

Another reason why you would like this type of plugin is to produce a secure transaction with others to stop legal issues. We have researched and curated some of them to help you along your online business journey. You don’t need to go through many websites with ads and affiliate links just to find a few small items that are doing poorly on your website.

The backend editor of this Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin is similar to WordPress, only the actual electronic signature including your logo and colors is on SwiftCloud servers. After users sign in, the page will be redirected to your WordPress website. The reason their servers are signed is to ensure intent and integrity, but the identity is yours as is your logo.

So, what are the options of this plugin that you just ought to know? First, its electronic signature is legal. It is time-stamped, including a court enforcement mark. If you want to get access to more features, you can upgrade your account to Premium. In addition, it has a simple interface where the input form and electronic signature are together on one page.

The benefit of having an independent third party take into account your signed documents. It may be legally preferable if you keep your signed documents without defensive legal superiority.

Why Do I Need WordPress E-Signature Plugins?

Presently in order to save most of the time and money, many companies across the world are taking the process of signing contracts, sales documents, etc. online. This process of signing a document online is called an electronic signature.

Nowadays, paperwork around the world has been significantly reduced to save trees. And no one is willing to print out their contract or sign and fax a scanned document.

Therefore, to make your work easy, fast, and automated, you need an electronic signature plugin on your WordPress website.

Who should use an electronic signature?

Basically, one can choose an electronic signature that requires an online signature from its customers. But there is a complete solution for freelancers, small business owners, designers, photographers, etc.

Are digitally signed documents legal?

Yes. Nowadays, in most countries, digitally signed documents are legally binding and secure. But in reality, to make your documents secure and legally binding, you need to send a court-recognized document for your customers to sign online.

For example, the Accept Me WP e-Signature application provides court-recognized documents for your customers to sign online.

Where should I need an electronic signature?

You may require an electronic signature from your customers to sign the following forms online.

  • Sales contract
  • Discount
  • Terms of Service
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Petition
  • Even more

Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin Gravity form

Gravity Forms Signature addon makes it straightforward for users to sign your form. This plugin can permit your users to sign contracts and different agreements with their mouse or touch screen.

Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin Features

Easy to use, Gravity PDF plugin support, Android iOS support, Control the size of the signature field, Control the background and color of the signature area, Set the field to “Required”, Hide or display the field with conditional logic Edit, Clear Signatures, Send Signatures to Email, Cross-browser Support. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+, and more.

Gravity Forms Signature Addon is the easiest and fastest interface application for your users to sign your forms online. First of all, you have to install this addon like any other WordPress plugin. After installation, you can manage the signed signature forms of all your users.

It can integrate your customers’ signatures into your forms efficiently without having to install any plugins on your user side. This application requires a WordPress version of 3.3+, Gravity Forms version of 1.62+, and PHP 5+ including GD library support.

More Features of  Electronic Signature WordPress Plugin Gravity Forms Addon

Following are the key features of the Gravity Forms Signature addon.

Simplest and fastest interface

This add-on is the simplest and fastest application for signing and adding to your forms online.

Supports touch screen and touchpad devices

This application supports touchpad and touchscreen devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops to sign the given form online. You can also sign online by drawing with the mouse.

Signed form as PNG file

After capturing the signature online, this addon application transfers the signed knowledge form to your internet server. Here the signed data form regenerates as a PNG file. and stores on your webserver.

No need to install any browser plugins

It does not require any browser plugins to be installed by its users to access this addon for the online signing of their forms. But users have to enable JavaScript support in the browser.

Cross-browser support

This add-on application works successfully on all major web browsers on both desktop and mobile, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, iOS Mobile Safari, Blackberry, and Android.



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